Dj Vadim is a Douchebag!!!

15 02 2008

According to a Van City resident…

I guess a world class hip hop dj like Vadim doesn’t get love when he’s not familiar with MTV’esque artists like Flo-rida. To each his own Vadim. You’re still a great producer and dj to many. Read the below dialogue that stirred this whole entry. Also check out my small 2 min clip of him playing in my friend’s backyard here. Excuse the horrible recording.

o i was dj’g in vancouver this week and this guy came over to request some songs whilist i was spinning.
guy – ‘psssss, can i ask for a song’
me – ‘cool’
guy – ‘ u got any hip hop’
– i was spinning q tip – all in(produced by jay dee). but i was like –
me ‘ like wat???’ i replied with an inquisitve shrugg of the shoulders
guy -‘ tupac – california love’
me – ‘ sorry aint got that’ ( i do have it but i ant gonna pull that out unless its a life n death situation or like nye or something…)
guy ‘ well wat about some nicklebag, j-lo, anastasia or flo???’
me ‘ sorry dude, i dont play that kinda stuff…’ i replied. i aint never even heard of flo?

guy ‘ wat kinda hip hop dj are u, u dont know flo, u dont play california love…??’ the guy asked in a urr disgucted kinda tone.
me ‘ one that dj’s all over the world from brooklyn to LA to tokyo, sydney, paris, london, brazil , india etc…..’ i replied in a stern authoritive voice
guy ‘ well, then u are a douche bag then’ he replied!!!!!!
so there we have it folks – iam a douche bag according to one vancouverite!