Last Night’s Party

24 02 2008

So last night was fairly successful at Mezza Luna despite the weather.  First time promoting at a DC spot with my group, MPurean along with Joe’s promotional group, PipeDreams and I walked out with a buck twenty (that was my cut).  Not bad for hanging out for 5 hours with friends and family.  Mezza Luna has some really great people.  Sara, Malena and Kim are great bartenders.  Kalifah, James and William are super nice dudes and finally the owner, Mike.  He’s running a great show there with great mediterranean fare up until 10 and then music and wine afterwards.

This entry is really geared towards all the friends that came through to support me in my party promoting endeavours.  A big thanks goes to the my extended brothers, the Fungs, Chez Tom, Paul,  Anthony Pho, Anthony Jones who obviously had a great since it was his birthday.  Pics will be up soon or not…