Happy Belated New Year?

11 02 2008


I stole this image from Brian aka Geometrix. Not necessarily to honor the Lunar New Year.  Rather, I just can’t stop staring at this pic!  It’s greatness.  You have anime kids performing the lion dance.  Two great things shared in one image: anime and Chinese New Year.  The only missing element is this year’s animal, the Rat.  Anyway, the festivities are still ongoing up until the 14th I believe?  Gung hay fat choy to all.


Batman x Anime = ZOMG!!!

6 02 2008


Batman: Gotham Knights is a collection of six short stories which take place in between the events of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. This straight-to-DVD feature will take the caped crusader into brand new territory: Anime.

Each of the stories were written by writers from the comic book and Hollywood scene so hopefully they don’t botch something with so much potential. Three Japanese animation houses will be bringing these stories to life: Studio 4°C (The Animatrix), Production I.G. (Ghost in the Shell), and Madhouse (Vampire Hunter D). It’s pretty much safe to say that you can expect mind-blowing visuals, lots of blood, and amazing depictions of Gotham’s sprawling cityscape.

You can catch a sneak peek of Batman: Gotham Knight as a bonus feature on the direct-to-video Justice League: The New Frontier which drops February 26th. And if that’s not enough to whet your appetite for all things batty you can pick up the novelization of Gotham Knight when it’s released on April 29th. As for the DVD itself, well, you’ll have to wait until some time in June. We’ll keep you posted.

I guess Production I.G. is following in Gonzo’s footsteps.  Take comic book character, or rather comic book legend and convert into anime.  In the case of Gonzo, they’ve anime’d Witchblade.  But Batman in anime format is a dream come true.  June is only 5 months away…

Image/text Source: Albotas