The Ripoff

10 03 2008


This is my boy, Scotty Bebop’s, latest endeavor. Electro, Nu Rave, B’more, bangers… All that good stuff that DC needs more of.  More news to come as I get it.

Image Source: THE RIPOFF


Heartsrevolution – CYOA Music Video

11 02 2008

I caught onto Justice back in 2005 thanks to my boy, Matt Nordstrom. Their performance at the Revolver party gave me the permanent french electro bug. View the clip below by Heartsrevolution. Filmed in UCLA, it gave me a chuckle due to the plethora of glow sticks. This brings back a comment Xian had mentioned about how Californians must be slow with music trends if they’re now discovering rave music. Sorry Xian, its called Nu-rave. Anyway, watch the video. Fun visuals to be seen, especially whats projected. The lead singer’s vocals reminds me of Miss Kitten and her fuzzy hat makes me think of Angela Lindvall in CQ.

Edit: I’m having serious problems embedding the Vlaze video on both IE and Mozilla.  Click here to see it.

Myspace Justice DC Tour

11 02 2008


Back in early January, I had a mission to gather friends for the Myspace x Justice tour. It will also feature Chromeo, Busy P, Dj Medhi and Fancy. But that mission completely failed. And news came up with that the NY show has moved from Madison Square Garden to the Wamu Theater. No worries though, I got my ticket for the 9:30 club showing. The line up is the same minus Dj Medhi, also of Ed Banger Records, and Chromeo. It would’ve been nice to see Dave1 and P-thug of Chromeo perform. Other parts of the US also get to see Diplo as an opening act. The real reward here is getting to see Justice again and seeing Pedro Winter dj for the first time.